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Buying and building your first model

First time modellers usually start off with a 1/10 scale electric model. These are available as buggies, trucks or cars.

The best starter car would be an off road buggy or truck as these can be run on rough and uneven surfaces, for example, in your back garden. If you have a smooth surface one of the touring cars such as the Tamiya TT-01 would be ideal.

The XB Pro range are ready to run models and are suitable for those who do not want to assemble a kit. They are available as on and off road cars and off road trucks.

If you want any more advice as to which ones are suitable for your budget, please do not hesitate to contact us for help.

Once you have selected your model it’s time to get building!!

Building your first model can seem daunting, but the more involved you become, the more enjoyable it is and you won’t want to put your tools down! The key to model building is don’t rush it – take your time and have fun doing it.

The standard kit consists of a whole range of components. You will find a body shell, plastic parts (which are labelled), and screws and various other parts. The instructions break everything down into a number of steps so that you know what parts are required for each step. The only other items that are not normally included in the kit are the paint, the tools and the radio control system (please see FAQ’s for more information). You can also buy ready to run models which do not require building and the bodies come ready painted – so if you are not into the building, you can still enjoy the RC experience and play with your model anyway!!

At the back of the manual in your kit, it shows the various product numbers of the hop-up options and replacement parts. This makes life simpler when you want to upgrade your model or get the parts to fix it if your car has had an argument with a wall!