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What else do I need?

When buying a kit for the first time you will also need a 7.2v battery pack, charger, 8x AA batteries and some simple tools. Some models will also require paint and the type of paint will depend on the material that the body is made from. See the Paint FAQ for more information.

The majority of 1/10th scale r/c models will use a 6 cell battery pack to power them, the most popular are Ni-cad (nickel cadmium) and Ni-mh (Nickel-metal hydride), although li-po is becoming more popular. A set of batteries is usually referred to as cells.

Cells are items that are rated in capacity, which can vary from between 1200 millampres (mAh) to 4500mah. Prices vary from £10 to over £55.

The latter are very high capacity cells for use by the experienced racer who demands a high voltage.

The difference between Ni-cad and Nimh is the chemistry the cell is made of, nimh is the newer one of the two.

A good starting point is 3000 or 3300mAh and should cost you in the region of £20-35, of course you can buy the cheaper versions if you are on a budget, but the higher the capacity the more futureproof they will be, in the respect that if you decide to go racing they will hold more charge. Or if you just want to use your model in the local park for example, it will also last longer with the higher capacity cells.

We stock the Ansmann Racing 3000 Nimh 6 cell pack which is a good mid range set, a link to these is here.

Another thing to bear in mind is that nicad and nimh cells charge a little differently, so always make sure the charger you intend using is suitable for the cells you have.

The majority of cells sold at Fusion Hobbies come preassembled with a "tamiya type" connector which will plug into your speed control.

Sometimes you will need to change this for a different type of connector depending on the speed control you intend using, but if this is the case we are only a phone call or post away on the forum to answer any questions you may have.

Battery Chargers:
Once you have selected a suitable battery you will also need to purchase a battery charger. There are two main types of chargers, slow (trickle) and fast. As the name suggests a slow charger will take much longer to fully charge the battery so are only really suitable for lower capacity batteries, 1800mAH or less. If you have a higher capacity battery or just aren't patient enough for a slow charger then a fast charger is the way to go. Most fast chargers will operate from the mains but some are DC supply only and must be connected to a suitable power supply. Our most popular fast charger is the Ansmann ACX1 (supplied with the Fast Charge deals), which can be powered either by 240v AC (mains supply) or a 12v car adapter.

The tools you will require depend on the type of model you are building.

For a radio control car/truck you will need a Phillips screwdriver, side cutters for removing plastic parts from sprues, pliers, scissors for cutting out the body (not required for finished bodies) and rubber cement for gluing the tyres to the wheels.

For a static model you will require side cutters, tweezers, files, and paint brushes.

You may find you require additional tools to those listed above but they will be enough to get you started.


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