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Which Electronic Speed Control (ESC)?

When choosing a speed control there a couple of things you need to know before making your decision.

First of all which motor will you be using?
If using a stock 27T (turn) motor then any speed control would be suitable but if the model is heavy and likely to draw more current then it is better to go for a high current model such as the Tamiya TEU-302BK. When running a modified motor with lower turns, choose a speed control that is suitable for motors with lower turns. For example if you were running a 21T motor, an Mtroniks ECO 20 would be a suitable choice.

To go forwards you sometimes need to go back!
As well as selecting the ESC based on the number of turns your motor has you then need to decide if you want reverse or not. Sounds odd but not all speed controllers have a reverse function. This is because reversing when racing is sometimes illegal (depending on the race). If the model is to be used for fun then an ESC with reverse is preferred as you don't have to run over to your model if it gets stuck against a curb. Most ESCs can have the reverse disabled if you ever decide to go racing.

Once you have decided on the above then you should be ready to choose your ESC, but if you are still unsure or need more information please contact us.


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