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Radio System

Most electric models require a 2 channel radio control system. There are two types of radio; the wheel trigger type and the stick type. Acoms AP202 (Stick type radio) Hite

A-Z Glossary

A: Armature - The inside part of the motor which spins when current is passed through it. Axle - The assembly in which the wheel attaches to, the wheel is secured by a nut one end and usually a

Which Electronic Speed Control (ESC)?

When choosing a speed control there a couple of things you need to know before making your decision. First of all which motor will you be using? If using a stock 27T (turn) motor then any speed


When buying paints it is important to choose the correct type. The manual (if building a Tamiya kit) will show what colour and type of paint is required for each part. We sell the full range of Tamiya paint.