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A-Z Glossary

A: Armature - The inside part of the motor which spins when current is passed through it. Axle - The assembly in which the wheel attaches to, the wheel is secured by a nut one end and usually a

Tamiya TRF415MSXX Review

Building the Tamiya TRF415MSXX by Chris Lillywhite. Opening the box... Upon opening the box, I was reminded how good the Tamiya parts quality is and how many parts there are to build a kit!

How do I make my model go faster?

Bearings We suggest that you upgrade the bushes first (the metal or plastic round parts found in the wheel hubs and gearboxes) as the standard items are not usually designed to cope with high speed

Which Electronic Speed Control (ESC)?

When choosing a speed control there a couple of things you need to know before making your decision. First of all which motor will you be using? If using a stock 27T (turn) motor then any speed

What else do I need?

When buying a kit for the first time you will also need a 7.2v battery pack, charger, 8x AA batteries and some simple tools. Some models will also require paint and the type of paint will depend on th


When buying paints it is important to choose the correct type. The manual (if building a Tamiya kit) will show what colour and type of paint is required for each part. We sell the full range of Tamiya paint.

Introduction to Radio Control (R/C) Models

Building and running Radio Controlled (R/C) vehicles is a fantastic Hobby, but with most hobbies to get the most out of it you need to know the basics.

Buying and building your first model

First time modellers usually start off with a 1/10 scale electric model. These are available as buggies, trucks or cars. The best starter car would be an off road buggy or truck as these can be ru